YANGAROO started out by providing a solution for those in the music world to manage and distribute content efficiently. Fast forward 10 years, and we now have over 5,000 audio and music video destinations leveraging our YANGAROO platform, powered by DMDS.

YANGAROO delivers the highest quality of new music and music videos to radio programmers, broadcasters, journalists, and other industry influencers anywhere in the world. Its lightning fast, highly secure, economical & environmentally friendly too. The platform creates workflow efficiency by providing:

  • Access to a comprehensive and managed list of professional recipients in the broadcast and music industry.
  • Online analytics, so senders know who has accessed their music.
  • A comprehensive set of tools that enables productions to be presented in a professional manner as well as users to maintain and monitor feedback and approvals between senders and recipients.

For Music Video, YANGAROO delivers the highest quality music videos to television broadcasters, radio broadcasters, journalists, and other industry professionals around the globe. Our platform also:

  • Produces the highest quality SD and HD videos complete with a Quality Assurance Review to verify file formatting and check video and audio levels, correct metadata submission, etc.
  • Reduces the time it takes to get a video to air by delivering to all key departments and providing effective online reviewing tools.
  • Generates instant reports so senders know who has accessed their music.
  • Provides a convenient private feedback and approvals tool to make it easy to send messages back and forth between the sender and the recipient.

Cost Effective

The platform seamlessly automates dozens of manual steps in a streamlined workflow, eliminating errors and increasing efficiencies. Save time and money using an efficient and cost effective digital delivery system.

Targeted Deliveries

Use DMDS managed lists or import your own to cut through red tape and deliver directly to the real decision makers at each media outlet.

Safe & Secure

Patented encryption technology allows for secure distribution through cloud-based technology. YANGAROO is 100% software-based, harnessing the power of new technologies, key features, and automation capabilities for clients.